About Us

Techieslabs, as the name suggests, is an insight into technology, how it can be skilfully and effectively manipulated, to drive definite personal and corporate results. Techieslabs, the name, is a play on the idea of a bunch of motivated people (in smart white overalls of course), making technology simple, accessible, result oriented and with far-reaching implications for everyone- the expert to a rank simpleton.

The people behind Techieslabs are naturally, techies themselves. Mr. Anil  and Mr. Vijay  have years of experience working in the IT sector and have first-hand and expert knowledge of technology implementation across an SME or Startup. Their observation of the obvious gaps in the available versus implemented technology alongside the acute awareness that companies often invest more than needed (simply due to poor judgment in pricing for offered benefits) serves as the major motivation for the inception of Techieslabs.

Technology in its various avatars is an essentiality for the future of your company. An open market, phenomenal development in new technology, cheaper setup and implementation costs and a tactical help-desk allows you to have a choice in your Company’s competitive future where it matters. Ergo, you have the experience and expertise of Techieslabs.

Contact us today for a personal consultation. You will be surprised with your latent potential for improved productivity- your company may currently be unaware of.